GRC Screens

Terra Firma GRC & Concrete Industries is specialist in all varieties of industrial, commercial and residential interior / exterior decoration of buildings. The company is dynamic in designs of GRC screens, fascia, cladding panels, fabrication of GRC, GRG, GRP elements etc. We can supply extreme quality GRC, GRG, GRP decorative elements in any quantity any time. The company fabricates GRC sunshade screens, decorative cladding panels, fascia panels, balustrades, handrails, domes, light pre-cast panels, GRC ceilings, ornamental and decorative gypsum, fiber reinforcement gypsum and gypsum board ceiling, glass reinforcement gypsum and glass reinforcement plastic. Even in a most difficult projects, we endeavor to manage them in a way that places the least strain and inconvenience on our clients. We achieves success by combining project management, expertise with artistic vision and skilled craftsmanship.