GRC-Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete is a composite material made of cement, line aggregates, water, chemical admixtures and alkali resistant (AR) glass fibres. GRC-Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete is an ideal substitute for stone carving due to its lightweight and resistance to weather. GRC elements are tailor made for each project. GRC is very versatile and can be suitably moulded into wide variety of complex shapes and profiles. GRC is ideally suited as lightweight prefabricated cladding material for exterior / interior of modern buildings. With GRC you can mould your ideas in any shape, size or form and even recreate the designs of the past. GRC is also most suitable for seismic regions as GRC has a tendency to bend and not crack under seismic pressure. Thus GRC is a material, which today is making significant contributions to the economics, technology and to the aesthetics of the construction industry worldwide.

GRC has a unique combination of properties ideal for the construction industry. The alkali resistance property of glass fibre as reinforcement material provides long term durability because glass fibre, when used effectively reinforces the mortar mix thereby improving its tensile and flexural characteristics. GRC provides the architect with a wide range of products to choose from that no other material can match in terms of shape. form, texture, lightweight, mouldability and long term technical properties. Today, GRC is the most sought after material worldwide because of its diverse properties and advantages.